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  • Code of ethics

    This code defines Masla Empathy Lab’s expectations of conduct in order to achieve our mission with respect and joy. It also outlines our commitments to maintain responsible business practices on a daily basis. The Code serves as a guide to how people should behave at Masla Empathy Lab, and outlines the line of conduct that should be adopted by every member of our team.


    Use: To be sent to new employees one (1) week before their first day and to current employees.


    1. Who does the Code apply to?

    The Code applies to everyone, regardless of their status: whether you’re an employee, manager, consultant, intern, co-founder or member of management, at Masla Empathy Lab, good practices must be enacted by everyone, and we expect everyone to respect the company’s values.

    If you need further explanation of any part of the Code, or advice on its application, please do not hesitate to let us know. The contact details of the people responsible to the application of the Code of Ethics are at your disposal at the end of the document.


    1.1 Resolving conflits

    Masla Empathy Lab encourages the informal resolution of uncomfortable situations, whenever possible. This means that if you’re experiencing an uncomfortable situation related to something that’s been done, something that’s been said, or a way of doing things that’s been nagging at you, we strongly encourage you to talk about it directly with the person involved first. We believe that, with respect, many situations can be resolved. If, however, you are unable to resolve the problem, you can speak directly to the company’s management. You may then have to intervene with the person concerned in order to take charge of restoring the situation. Ultimately, our aim is for everyone to be respected, happy and, of course, for conflits to be avoided.


    1.2 The consequences

    If, after gathering the facts and analyzing the situation, members of management come to the conclusion that there has been behavior that runs counter to Masla Empathy Lab’s values, sanctions may be imposed depending on the seriousness of the situation. We reiterate that we do not intend to go that far, but if the situation requires it, we will take the necessary steps to restore a healthy working environment.

    2. Respect for team members


    2.1 Our intention

    Masla Empathy Lab is committed to respecting the well-being of the people we work with. In our workplace, we are collectively responsible for creating an environment where respect reigns, and where everyone can develop to their full potential. That’s why we want to promote diversity, open-mindedness, empathy and respect for everyone. We believe that this is how each person will feel comfortable letting their personality shine, and will be able to play a key role in the team.


    2.2 Accountability

    We are all responsible for maintaining a work environment where we can be ourselves and where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. We all have a role to play in prevention, but also in reaction. With this in mind, if you witness a situation that seems inappropriate, we invite you to share it.


    2.3 Support and discretion

    Everyone can expect to be supported in various ways without fear of embarrassment or reprisal when faced with an uncomfortable situation. Feel free to report any situation, as it will be handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

    3. Customer satisfaction


    Respect: the basis of our practices

    All relationships are based on respect. That’s why transparency, confidence and integrity must always guide your actions and behavior towards our customers. No matter who it is, anyone working with Masla Empathy Lab must be treated with the utmost respect.

    In addition, to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their collaboration with Masla Empathy Lab, we make sure to survey the customer at the half-way point (often when the second invoice is sent) to ensure that their expectations are being met. We do the same at the end of the mandate. We send them a satisfaction form at the end of our collaboration to assess whether everything has gone according to their expectations.

    4. Respectful marketing


    When it comes to marketing, whatever form it takes, at Masla Empathy Lab we’re all about respect and ethics. What does that mean in practice? Here are a few examples:

    • When communicating with our subscribers on the various social networks, everything is done with respect, even when there are differences of opinion.
    • When sharing content, we make sure to use inclusive writing to the best of our ability (e.g. employee and non-employee).
    • We’re not against sharing opinions related to a cause we feel strongly about. Of course, this sharing must be done with respect for everyone, but you must also ensure that this cause reflects the values of Masla Empathy Lab. To do this, we invite you to discuss it with management before publishing.

    5. Being vigilant


    5.1 Protecting privileged information

    All information relating to the business of Masla Empathy Lab must never be disclosed to an external third party, except with the written consent of a member of management.


    5.2 Competition

    When you meet competitors at meetings or other events, we urge you to exercise caution by not discussing issues and topics that may affect your relationship with them and the confidentiality of our information.

    6. Social and environmental policies and commitments

    As a company working on business strategy, we are committed to continuously improving our social and environmental impact.

    For this reason, Masla Empathy Lab is proud to be part of the B Corp network since 2023. As an organization, we are thus committed to meeting societal, environmental, governance and public transparency requirements at all times.

    Masla Empathy Lab’s social mission is to design conversational spaces in order to foster human connection.

    We are therefore committed to:

    • Bringing the terms Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion back to a more human dimension
    • Creating spaces where everyone feels empowered and able to learn
    • Promoting healthy and courageous dialogue for all

    7. Alcohol and drugs

    An after-hour beer or glass of wine with colleagues is obviously fine with us! However, we rely on your good judgment regarding your use of alcohol and recreational drugs during working hours. In other words, we expect you to make the right decisions to be in the best possible physical and cognitive condition to perform your duties at work. If you find yourself in an awkward situation and need help, don’t be embarrassed to come and discuss this with your team. Our aim is to ensure that employees feel listened to and equipped to face the various challenges in their lives.

    8. Implementation and application of the Code

    Before starting work, we invite you to confirm that you have read the Code of Ethics in order to understand Masla Empathy Lab’s operations and expectations.


    Contact details:

    Julie Savaria (she/her/elle), tel: (514) 892-3575, julie@masla.group